Cisco UCS at VMworld

There have been quite a few posts about the hardware at VMworld. Pretty impressive stuff to say the least! I got a quick look at it, and it is simply awesome! Here’s a quick video of what they have in place.

VMware VCP on vSphere (VCP4)

Well, I didn’t want to say anything, but I have learned from an unnamed source that I passed the VCP 4 Beta exam. Congrats to all the others that passed as well. Good luck to anyone that will be taking the test!

VMworld 2009 – A big announcement

Well, apparently there is something going on during VMworld at 10:45am Pacific Time on September 1st. Not sure what it is, but there are 2 tweets from John Troyer calling for bloggers/press analysts that are interested in attending either in person or via a webcast. Here are the tweets: What could it be… Read More »