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Unsolicited Remote Assistance – Windows Vista/7

Several years ago, I came across the need to leverage Windows XP’s Remote Assistance feature. I came across a way, in XP, to do this without requiring any interaction from the end user.  You can find that post here: Windows: Unsolicited Remote Assistance. In Windows XP, loading the following URL (hcp://CN=Microsoft%20Corporation,L=Redmond,S=Washington,C=US/Remote%20Assistance/Escalation/unsolicited/unsolicitedrcui.htm) will present a dialog… Read More »

Spyware/Virus Removal Technique

I normally blog about virtualization topics, but I saw a tweet from a guy I follow, and noticed that he spent some money getting his PC cleaned by the Geek Squad. Well, I was shown a method that has worked pretty well for me, and I figured I would share it. The primary component necessary,… Read More »

Tell the system how you really feel.

Have you ever wanted to put the “truth” in a Shutdown Event Tracker comment box? I’ve had to deal with my fair share of terrible applications/services, that the “Business Unit” (in one of my many positions) has decided to use, but were less than, shall I say “Stellar”. I figured I’d post this, as I… Read More »