October 14, 2021

Iomega StorCenter Local Plugin for vSphere

Well, I have been pretty busy lately, but wanted to share something I had done for my lab.

I really liked Alan Renouf’s Local Plugin Creator script.  So I had to try putting the StorCenter URL into my vSphere Client Home screen.

After a little Google Image Search for Iomega, I found a logo.  So I created two .PNG files to be placed on my vCenter server.


iomega_logo_16x iomega_logo_16x.png

I saved these files to c:Program FilesVMwareInfrastructuretomcatwebappsROOT

Next, I used Alan’s Local Plugin Creator to generate the following XML:

<scriptConfiguration version=”1.0.0″>
<view parent=”Inventory.Global”>
<title locale=”en”>Storcenter</title>

I created a folder called Iomega in C:Program FilesVMwareInfrastructureVirtual Infrastructure ClientPlugins and saved the XML as Iomega.xml

I then relaunched my vSphere Client, and there was my new local plugin, pointing at the web management URL for my StorCenter.

2 thoughts on “Iomega StorCenter Local Plugin for vSphere

    1. If I recall, I did this with the vSphere 4.0 client/server installation.

      What version are you using? 4.0? 4.0 Update 1/2/3? 4.1? 4.1 Update 1?

      I haven’t tried it with an updated build, but will see what I can dig up.


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