VMworld 2009 vExpert Booth

One of the new additions to VMworld this year, is the addition of a vExpert booth.  This booth will be staffed with many recipients of the new VMware vExpert title. The purpose of this booth is to let conference goers come by, ask questions, meet some of the vExperts, or simply hang out.  The booth… Read More »

VMworld 2009 Blogging

Up until a few weeks ago, I was under the assumption I would not be attending VMworld 2009.  With the way the market is, getting approval for conferences is somewhat difficult. As of a few weeks ago, I was approached by VMware to attend VMworld 2009 as a blogger.  I graciously accepted, and will be… Read More »

My Test Rig

I have been asked a couple times why type of system I use at home to test VMware VI3/vSphere configurations. Here is a quick rundown of my Test Rig: System: Dell XPS 720 Processor: Intel Q6600 (2.4GHz Quad Core w/VT enabled) Memory: 8GB (Max supported) Internal Drives: 4 Seagate 500GB with 2 500GB RAID 1… Read More »

VMware VCP on vSphere (VCP4) Beta Test

Well I took the test today, and I can say, I’m happy to have it over with. In my limited preparation, I relied on these links (sorry Cody, I stole your HTML): VCP4 Exam Blueprint VMware vSphere Documentation Bundle Exam Experience from Rich Scherer Exam Experience from Eric Sloof Simon Long’s VCP4 Practice Exam Simon… Read More »

Why you should go to VMworld

VMworld. One word says it all. VMworld is the the epicenter of x86 virtualization, the conference of the company that started the x86 virtualization revolution. Yes, there are other companies that provide virtualization solutions. And guess what, they will be there. They will be there, albeit in the Solutions Exchange, but they will be there.… Read More »