May 24, 2024

vSphere Enterprise Edition – Maybe not dead yet

Well, it seems that vSphere Enterprise Edition may not be dead just yet.  Dave Lawrence has reported that Enterprise Edition will be available after 2009.

This is a complete reversal of what VMware stated during the vSphere launch.  So anyone that wanted features like SVMotion or DRS (after December 15, 2009), would have to purchase the Enterprise Plus Edition.

Initially VMware required an upgrade cost of $295 a processor to Enterprise Plus, along with an additional 12 month SnS upgrade.  After many people griped about the SnS requirement, VMware decided to quietly require a 2 month SnS upgrade in addition to the $295 upgrade cost.  This is all because Enterprise Edition was not to be sold after 12/15/2009.

What about those that already ponied up and bought the upgrade?  Well, they didn’t have to, and they got a good deal for what they upgraded to.

What about those that don’t plan to upgrade?   Well, if Enterprise Plus and Advanced Editions will support 12 cores per CPU, why not enable Enterprise Edition to support 12 cores.

Advanced doesn’t have SVMotion or DRS, while Enterprise has these features.  Advanced supports 12 cores, and Enterprise doesn’t.

With Enterprise Edition still a viable solution, why continue to limit it to 12 cores per processor?

I think we still have a discrepancy here.

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