VMware VCP on vSphere (VCP4) Beta Test

Well I took the test today, and I can say, I’m happy to have it over with. In my limited preparation, I relied on these links (sorry Cody, I stole your HTML): VCP4 Exam Blueprint VMware vSphere Documentation Bundle Exam Experience from Rich Scherer Exam Experience from Eric Sloof Simon Long’s VCP4 Practice Exam Simon… Read More »

Why you should go to VMworld

VMworld. One word says it all. VMworld is the the epicenter of x86 virtualization, the conference of the company that started the x86 virtualization revolution. Yes, there are other companies that provide virtualization solutions. And guess what, they will be there. They will be there, albeit in the Solutions Exchange, but they will be there.… Read More »

vCenter 2.5 U4: Veeam Business View Plug-in

I got this working and figured I would let everyone know how I did it. First, thanks to Veeam for the Veeam Business View for VMware product.  Nice freebie! Second, there are 2 files that are necessary to make this happen, along with registering the plug-in. The first file, is the actual file that is… Read More »

New Product Release: vWire from Tripwire

VMware has a pretty good foundation with VI3 and vSphere, but they only go so far.  With the ability to use the VMware VI Toolkit or VMware vSphere Toolkit, custom scripts performing data collection and actions can now be leveraged by third party vendors to, put simply, get more out of the overall management experience.… Read More »

And the winner is…

I just saw an article about how XenServer (free) has replaced VMware in many environments.  The article specifically says that 30% of the XenServer downloads came from companies (or users) that have VMware.  Here’s a link to the article: http://www.channelweb.co.uk/crn/news/2243603/xenserver-freebie-wins-vmware-4694813 Now, I’m not sure how the math works out there…  I will tell anyone that… Read More »