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Printer Migration Script

Not sure if you’ve every had an issue where you have to move printers from one print server to another… I have had this come up a couple times… Here’s a little vbs that can be executed from a logon script, that will look at a mapped printer’s connection (which server it is on), remove… Read More »

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VBS: NIC Show Icon/Power Mgt Script

Here’s script that I wrote (and probably borrowed some of it) to turn all nics’ icons on, and disable power management for them. It only looks at nics with IP enabled. You can also download it here. (Just make sure you rename it to nicmod.vbs, or something similar) ‘************************************************************************ ‘* VBS Script to: ‘* Enable/Disable… Read More »

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VBS: Update Services Password on Local/Remote Box

This script, will allow you to update passwords for services that “Log on As” set to use a domain account. You can download it here. ‘***********************************************************‘Written by Jase McCarty‘Date: 03/29/2006‘‘UPD8SVCS.vbs‘‘Description: Change the password on a local‘or remote system for a Service that has ‘”Logon As” set for a Domain Account‘Useful for Servers when a service… Read More »

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