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Windows: Need to Seize Roles during DR?

In an environment that needs to come up quickly, I found a little trick that can be helpful. NTDSUTIL.exe lets you manage which domain controllers handle which roles in your domain. According to kb article 243267, you can script this. So in a DR situation, if you have a virtual DC (in a VM) and… Read More »

Windows: Unsolicited Remote Assistance

I knew that this existed, but didn’t need it until this past weekend. One of my work environments has a need for remote connections for troubleshooting purposes, with the requirement of getting the approval of the remote user. They were given SMS 2003’s remote control capability, and then it was taken away. So I did… Read More »

AutoIT: Give users the ability to defrag without Admin access

I found a cool tool this weekend, called AutoIT V3. You can find it here: I put together a script that will (running as the local admin) allow a user that has zero admin priviledges the ability to defrag their hard drive. Here’s the script: ;**** AutoIT Script to allow users to defrag their… Read More »