October 4, 2023

VMworld 2016 – Submitted Sessions – How about a vote?

Just a quick post asking for your votes for some sessions I’ve submitted and/or been included in.

  • Successful Virtual SAN 6 Stretched Clusters (7557) – Are you a VMware vSphere customer looking at using Virtual SAN in a stretched cluster configuration? Are you already familiar with stretched clusters using other storage technologies? This session will discuss how Virtual SAN can be used in stretched cluster scenarios. We will address some of the differences from other storage technologies, as well as some of the requirements and parameters when looking to implement Virtual SAN stretched clusters. You will leave the session with a better understanding of how Virtual SAN can easily and effectively fulfill the technical requirements of the stretched cluster use case, without many of the technical challenges associated with traditional storage. This session will include requirements, recommendations, failure scenarios, and more, promising to have something for new admins as well as seasoned infrastructure professionals.
  • Building NoSQL environment with VMware Virtual SAN (8167) – NoSQL databases such as MongoDB and Cassandra have become the operational databases for the modern age, introducing scale and flexibility never seen before . Leveraging Virtual SAN provides an open Software-Defined Storage platform which can easily scale to the needs of these NoSQL databases while providing the enterprise availability, management and advanced data services. This session will cover the basics of NoSQL and dive into best practices of configuring VMware Virtual SAN for MongoDB and Cassandra. (submitted by Tarik Dwiek, EMC)
  • Choosing the right Virtual SAN hardware: Components, Certifications, and Ready Nodes (8696) – Virtual SAN, VMware’s radically simple software defined storage offering, combined with VMware vCenter and vSphere, make up the core components of the software defined datacenter. Virtual SAN runs on commodity x86 server platforms, which come in a variety of sizes and configurations. To help customers and partners select the best configurations, including Ready Nodes or individual components, it is important to understand the certification process and the different tools available to select the best mix of compute and storage for a successful Virtual SAN deployment. (submitted with Abid Saeed, VMware)
  • Dive Deep into Virtual SAN Architecture (8875) – It’s no secret that VMware Virtual SAN is taking the IT world by storm. If you’d like to get to know more about its features, functionality, business benefits, and use cases, this is your session. Seamlessly embedded in the hypervisor, Virtual SAN delivers enterprise-ready, high-performance shared storage for VMware vSphere Virtual Machines. This deep dive will cover the following: Latest features and enhancements in the recently-announced Virtual SAN 6.2 Overview of Enterprise availability features Storage management and troubleshooting capabilities New hardware options available with Virtual SAN.
  • Successful ROBO Design with vSphere and Virtual SAN (8880) – VMware Virtual SAN is radically simple storage for vSphere that is taking the IT world by storm. While it can scale up very easily, it is also a very good fit for Remote Office Branch Office use cases because it provides high performance and ease of management at a great cost. If you’d like to get to know more about how to design a distributed Virtual SAN configuration for a multiple site configuration, this is the session. This session will cover topics such as host sizing, network topology, and licensing from start to finish.

If you are voting on VMworld sessions, I’ll politely ask that you vote on these, especially if you think you’d find value in the content.

Much appreciated!

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