March 1, 2024

VMware ESXi – Optiplex 620

I took an Optiplex 620 (P4 3.4, 2GB Ram, and an 80GB Sata drive), and attempted to install ESXi (3.5u2).

Well, initially, I got a Limit CPU Id error, with a nice “please disable this in the bios” message.

The box was fairly old, and had the A03 bios loaded. A03 wouldn’t let me turn this off, so I went to Dell, grabbed the latest bios update, and updated the Bios to A11. After A11 was loaded, and I disabled this setting I was off and running.

As a result, ESXi installed fine, with no other tweaks.

The drive, and nic installed without any issues.

I haven’t put any VM’s on it yet, but will report back.

Updated: I’ve put several VM’s on the box, and haven’t seen any issues other than the Licensing Bug.

Also, I figured I’d whack the box when the new builds came out. I decided to install ESX 3.5.0 Update 2 Refresh, and what do you know, it installed fine too!

Dave, here’s another one for your list.

21 thoughts on “VMware ESXi – Optiplex 620

  1. I’m working with one of these… Watch out for U3 – it doesn’t seem to like the SATA controller. My datastore is no longer found, and it won’t instlal from the U3 disk.

  2. Can you further explain how you fixed ESX 3.5 update 3 issue with ICH7 controller not being able to see or create VMFS partition.

    Installing a fresh or upgrade to ESX update 3 on Dell GX620 disables use of SATA controler for VMFS. After install I vi /etc/vmware/ with entries for 8086:27c0 and 8086:27c4to ata_piix.o(both entries (27c0, 27c4) do not exist, have to add manually), save file, reboot host but still no access for VMFS.

    Strangely the entries I added disappear in after reboot.

    Also tried modifying /usr/share/hwdata/pci.idsto include entry for this controller as it is not listed there, same result.

    I assume I can modify ESX after install instead of having to modify cd before install?



  3. My modifications were after the update.

    I will say, I started off with ESXi 3.5 Update 2, upgraded to Update 3, then made the fix.

    I didn’t start off with ESXi 3.5 Update 3.

    Not sure if that is the difference or not.

  4. Hi,

    I’have the same machine (optiplex gx620) but I have a bad error : unable to find a supported device to write.

    I have the same disk (80 GB sata)

    How can I fix it ?


  5. I’ll have to wipe my box out, and detail the steps I took to make this work.

    I may have some time next week.

    I’ll see what I can do.


  6. thanks, but now i’ts ok 🙂 my cd-rom usb drive is not good for install 🙂

    but it’s possible to use the local disk or partition for the datastore ?

  7. What formfactor GX620 is this? Or does it matter? I wasn’t sure if the motherboard (and this sata controller etc) would be different in the different form factor cases and thus would want to grab a specific kind.

  8. Hi Jase, I have GX620 and training to install the latest verson of ESXi and I still recieving error message unable to find a supported device to write.
    Do u have any idea what I am doing wrong

  9. I’m a newbye.
    I’m trying to install ESXi U 3 on my Optiplex GX630 but I’ve this error:
    ‘unable to find a supported device to write’
    I tryed to install from CD rom and usb stick: there is the same error

    These my step:
    – On the screen error ALT-F1 to access the console.
    – login as ‘root’
    – run fdisk -l

    I can see my disk!!

    Any suggestion?

    ciao Roberto

  10. Be sure to use Update 2 since Update 4 fails to support the SATA controller. I hate it when support is removed from newer versions.

  11. I couldn’t get this to work with U4, U3 or U2. Updated BIOS to A11, set SATA to mode to COMBINATION with no change. Beats me, I guess I’ll just use XP with VMWare server for this.

  12. I take back the earlier post.

    I tried U2 again with SATA in NORMAL mode and it worked.

    I tried U3 and U4 again just to make sure, and no dice.

  13. I use also a Optiplex GX620 and use the ESXi 3.5 U2, However when gets to the part where the yellowish screen comes up and start detecting and assigning IP on the NIC, the keyboard freezes because I hit numlock or capslock and none of the lights comes up, it does not let me click f2 or to customize or f12 to restart. I tried customizing with the custom OEM and the automatic script they have on the same website, but no luck, Any Ideas? Would be greatly appreciated.

  14. Hey guys. . ..I just tried to Install Esxi 3.5 U5 on the same Optiplex GX620 Small form factor.. .with same specs. Any workaround for the SATA issue?. . I cannot seem to find 3.5 U2 anywhere.


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