July 14, 2024

VMworld 2009 – Keynote Theme – Make it Easy

The keynote this morning seems to have a primarly theme. VMware, who has long been in the business of consolidation, is talking about how to use VMware products to make IT management and application presentation easy.

With VI3, the primary focus was much the same as ESX 2.5+vCenter, server consolidation. To VMware, vSphere is a huge jump in their virtualization offering. There was some mention of some of the existing add-ons that can be using in conjunction with vCenter, but more emphasis was what’s coming. There was quite a bit of talk about things like chargeback, power consumption per host/guest, and that type of thing.

Two new offerings were mentioned today. VMware Go and VMware vCloud Express were mentioned. They are both web based tools, but they differ signifcantly. VMware Go is a free tool provided to SMBs/and the like for management of ESXi systems. VMware vCloud Express is a way to self provision guests from a cloud provider (provided you give your credit card).

I’m wrapping this up so I can go to the press conference…

More soon.

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