May 25, 2024

Virtual SAN 6.2 Space Efficiency Technologies White Paper

We’re happy to announce the Virtual SAN 6.2 Space Efficiency Technologies White Paper. I was fortunate to work on this along with Jeff Hunter and John Nicholson on this document.

We cover some of the new additions to Virtual SAN in version 6.2 specifically around space efficiency. A couple of the new features that we cover in this document include Deduplication and Compression as well RAID-5/6 (or Erasure Coding) on Virtual SAN 6.2 on all-flash architectures. It is pretty interesting how the addition of these 2 features to all-flash Virtual SAN, actually bring the cost of all-flash on par with, and in many cases lower than Virtual SAN in a hybrid architecture.

Pic 7

Not only do we cover the mechanisms for these technologies, we also cover some recommendations, expectations, and how they align with other VMware products.

It is a good/short (15 page) read on these new technologies, and how they can contribute Virtual SAN 6.2.

Take a look at the white paper here:

This was originally posted on the VMware Virtual Blocks site:

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