May 25, 2024

Tech Field Day – San Jose – Update

As many know, earlier this month, I announced that at the end of the month, I will be a vSpecialist with EMC.

Tying Up Loose Ends
In my current position, I have been performing the role of Team Lead, primary architect, as well as Sr. System Engineer for the past 3 1/2 years. Upon accepting the Team Lead role, I was told that I had been selected for that role because I had exhibited several things:

  • The most comprehensive understanding of our environment from both technical and business perspectives
  • The ability to perform deep-dive troubleshooting when issues arose, as well as how to coordinate resources to mitigate the problems experienced
  • A strong desire to succeed, with accomplishing “the mission” as my primary objective
  • The ability to bring people together as a cohesive team.

Because my departure is only a few weeks away, as anyone can imagine, there is a significant amount of knowledge transfer that has to take place. With such a short time, and about 5 1/2 years worth of knowledge to transfer, this is not an easy task. Most of this information is readily available through Standard Procedures and other documentation, while some of it is buried in my head from years of being a primary resource. So there is still much to do.

In short, I will unfortunately not be able to attend Tech Field Day – San Jose. I am in agreement with my employer, that my time would be best spent transferring knowledge to ensure they have a minimal impact from my departure.

To The Delegates
Each of you are highly respected individuals and, in the short term, I am disappointed I won’t be able to contribute to Tech Field Day. I say “in the short term,” because I know how this industry is, and I look forward to our paths crossing in the future.

Have a great time everyone! I’m looking for some great stuff!

To The Vendors
I am familiar with some of the vendors, and not so with others. I was really looking forward to seeing what you have to offer.

  • For those I am familiar with:
    I expect great things from you, and deeply respect each of your offerings
  • For those I am not familiar with:
    I look forward to the information that will come out of Tech Field Day, and hope to see great things.

My Take
I am not sure if I will ever be selected for another Tech Field Day, given my new position with EMC. It would have been a great experience. I could have been selfish, and said that I was already committed to attending… I mean, hey, I only have a couple weeks left… What could anyone do?

I know that I am needed here for now, and besides, I’m not built that way.

Again, my best to the delegates, the vendors, and a sincere thank you to Gestalt IT for the honor of being chosen as a delegate.

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