April 22, 2024

VMworld 2016 – Barcelona Bound

Just a quick note… If you are going to VMworld 2016 in Barcelona, keep your eyes open for me.

Always happy to talk tech with customers, partners, and fellow engineers about the industry as well as what we’ve got going on at VMware.

If you are interested in some of the things we’re doing in VMware Storage, I’ve got a couple sessions you might not want to miss:

  • Meet the Experts –
    Tuesday 18 OCT @ 1100/Wednesday 19 OCT @ 1400
    I’ll be available to have conversations about VSAN, Storage, VMware, or whatever.
  • Understanding the Availability Features of Virtual SAN (STO8179) –
    Wednesday 19 OCT @ 1100
    Should be a great session, along with GS Khalsa, where we discuss more about the inner workings of VSAN from an availability perspective.
  • Virtual Volumes: Why? (STO8422) –
    Wednesday 19 OCT @ 1700
    Come find out more about Virtual Volumes, and how they change the way storage is consumedĀ in a vSphere environment. I’ll be joined by Tom O’Neill of Dell EMC who will discuss some of the benefits of VVOLS.
  • Running Business Critical Applications and the Software Defined Data Center on Hyper-Converged Infrastructure and VSAN (STO9607-SPO) –
    Tuesday 18 OCT @ 1700
    A collaborative session with myself, Patric Chang of Western Digital, David Klee of Heraflux Technologies, and Jonathan Flynn of SanDisk, where we discussĀ the importance of Hyper-Converged Infrastructures in today’s Business Critical Applications. We’ll be a bit off the cuff and unscripted, so come and join the conversation. The more the merrier!

So if you are in Barcelona and these sessions look interesting, please sign up for one of the sessions, or keep your eyes open for me and say hello or have a conversation.

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