April 22, 2024

VMworld 2011 Session Voting – How about a vote?

This is a quick little post about the open voting that is currently going on for VMworld 2011 Sessions.

I submitted 3 sessions during the call for papers for VMworld 2011.

They are:

Session Candidate 1603: How VMware’s Products Are Like a Military Unit – (Jase McCarty) Vote for this session if you would like to see some similarities between a military unit and VMware’s product portfolio, and how they are used to accomplish your mission.

Session Candidate 2771: Using Analogies to Explain the Value of VMware Tools to the Non-Virtualization-Fluent – (Jase McCarty/Dave Henry) Vote for this session if you are:

  • An IT person trying to explain why you need VMware’s products to help you do your job to those that don’t quite understand the benefits
  • A sales person that wants to put the what, why, and how in better terms for executives that aren’t up to speed with what VMware offers

Session Candidate 2912: vCloud Director, VMware View, and Site Recovery Manger – Use Cases for Accelerating Internal IT Efficiency – (Josef Adams, Rich Barlow, Jim Sanzone, Jeramiah Dooley, & Jase McCarty) Vote for this session if you are interested in becoming familiar with these products, see some uses cases, and see how they can help your business take self-service, virtual desktops, and availability to the next level.

Alright, shameless plug over.

Good luck to everyone that has submitted sessions.  From what I have seen, there are some really good ones.

To vote, head over to VMworld.com.



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