July 13, 2024

VMworld 2010 Call for Papers – Need a little help

Well I have submitted papers for the last 3 VMworlds, and unfortunately have not been selected.  I’ll admit some of those previous submissions were good enough, but missed a the oomph to put them over the top.

I submitted a paper, yes, just a single paper this year, and with some help, I could be selected.  This year, VMware is doing something a little different.  Public voting is being considered in the select process.

The paper I submitted details how to leverage VMware vSphere, NetApp SnapMirror, NetApp SnapManager for Virtual Infrastructure (SMVI), vSphere PowerCLI, and PoshOnTap to spin up a warm DR site.  I chose this topic, because this is how I set a solution up last year when VMware SRM did not support NFS storage.  This session talks about how to quickly recover a SnapMirror replicated site using PowerCLI, with some PoshOnTap included.

So if you feel like voting for my session, head over to VMworld.com at the following URL: http://www.vmworld.com/community/conferences/2010/cfpvote/pcbusiness.

You will be required to login to vote, but joining VMworld.com is free.

Thanks for any and all votes, and best of luck to everyone else who submitted a paper/presentation.

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