July 14, 2024

VMware VCP on vSphere (VCP4) Beta Test

Well I took the test today, and I can say, I’m happy to have it over with.

In my limited preparation, I relied on these links (sorry Cody, I stole your HTML):

So I went to Verssa Consulting in Lafayette today, and sat for the VCP4 Beta test.

I’ll echo everyone’s comments on what to study (everything vSphere!).  As far as some saying that only 35% was vSphere related, I would have to question that.  I felt that every part of the test was related to vSphere.  I did critique some of the questions, but most I was fine with.

I only hate that I have to wait for my results.  Hopefully VMware will let us know how we did sooner than later.

Cheers and best of luck to everyone that took the test!

Update: I found out a few days before VMworld 2009 that I passed the test!

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