March 1, 2024

vCenter 2.5 Update 4 – Path Update Script (for Performance Overview Plugin)

Updating paths in Windows isn’t really a difficult task, but it is a pain to have to keep track of settings, etc.

According to this KB article from VMware (, to get the Performance Overview plugin to work, there are a couple things to do.

1. Download the Java SE Development Kit 6u11
2. Update some System environment variables
3. Run the install.bat from the vCenter 2.5 Update 4 media

Well, 1 and 3 are pretty easy to remember, but I don’t want to have to remember the path’s etc. So I wrote a little .vbs that will do it for me.

You can either run it from a command line, or double click on it to set your paths.

It will:
1. Look for the JAVA_HOME and PATH environment variables
2. Make sure they are set properly
3. It will correct them if they are wrong
4. It will do nothing if they are properly set.

Just remember to log off, and back on for the settings to take.

The .vbs can be found here:

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