Understanding vSAN Witness Consolidation & 2 Node vSAN

The vSAN Witness Appliance was introduced as a free alternative to using a physical ESXi host as a vSAN Witness Host. This appliance is only used for housing vSAN Object Witness Components, and is not allowed to run any virtual machine workloads. When deploying the vSAN Witness Appliance, there are 3 potential deployment options: Tiny,… Read More »

Understanding vSAN Encryption – KMS Profile Addressing

When using vSAN Encryption, one of the vSAN Health Check tests will show the health of the connection between the vSAN Hosts and the KMS Cluster as well as vCenter and the KMS Cluster. One scenario came up a few weeks ago where the vSAN Health Check indicated that the vSAN Hosts could properly communicate… Read More »

Understanding vSAN Encryption – “Erase disks before use”

A few questions routinely come up when using “Erase disks before use” with vSAN Encryption.   What occurs when “Erase disks before use” is used? First, it is important to understand that this does not destroy active data. The rolling reformat process evacuates data from a disk group, to another disk group, before beginning the… Read More »