PowerCLI 11.2 Released, with more goodness for vSAN!

PowerCLI 11.2 has now been released. The additions for vSAN include updates to some existing cmdlets. Storage Updates The cmdlets updated include: Get-VsanSpaceUsage, Get/Set-VsanClusterConfiguration, and Test-VsanNetworkPerformance. vSAN 6.7 Update 1 added the ability to estimate the amount of free capacity for a vSAN cluster using a selected Storage Policy in the UI: The Get-VsanSpaceUsage cmdlet… Read More »

PowerCLI Cookbook for vSAN

As someone who started using PowerShell since the first release, it is one of my favorite tools. Before coming to work in the vendor space, PowerShell was my go-to tool for management at scale. As an administrator that spent a considerable amount of time working with Windows physical and virtual machines, PowerShell made uniform management… Read More »

What’s New in vSAN 6.7 Update 1

VMware vSAN is the market leader in HCI. One of the many driving forces that has helped solidify this position, is the rapid and continuous pace of innovation. VMware has always given customers the power of choice, and this continues into the hybrid cloud era. VMware’s digital foundation gives customers the ability, and flexibility to… Read More »

More vSAN Cmdlets in PowerCLI 11!

There’s a new release of PowerCLI, and it includes some more vSAN goodness! We’ve added some capabilities previously found in the Ruby vSphere Console and have also updated a couple of the existing modules   The new and updated cmdlets include: Get-VsanObject makes it easy to get information about a vSAN Object or a VM’s… Read More »