October 11, 2021

Citrix Workflow Studio – Does it add capabilities that we didn’t have before?

I ran across an article about how to use Citrix Workflow Studio to alert when the print spooler service crashes.

You can find that article here:

Kind of interesting… I know that it isn’t a “new” type of process… But do you need the Workflow Studio to do this? Absolutely not.

I wrote a script about 3 years ago, that let’s me know when print spoolers crash, and then can restart the spooler. Here is a sample (not the code I’m using, but similar)

Now what do I need to do to have this fire off?

I made a batch file called “citrixprintwarning.bat”, and put it somewhere on my C: drive. This is the file that will execute the vbs.

Here are the simple contents:

Now I set the Windows Print Spooler Service Recovery options to run the batch file in the event of a failure.

When things fail, I get an e-mail, and the service gets restarted.

I actually got a little fancy with my prod script. I pull a list of users on the system, so I can try to track down whether I have a user that is constantly causing issues or not.

And I didn’t have to get the Citrix Workflow Studio to do it.