March 2, 2024

Citrix: Exporting Citrix XP FR2 Applications for import into Citrix PS 4.0

Well, here’s the script that I used to export apps from a Citrix XP FR2 farm for import into a Citrix PS 4.0 farm.

I started out with the FarmAppUtil from Citrix (for XP FR3 and above), and looked at the output XML. I then took Michael Callahan’s script, and modified it to export the XML to “match up” with the format of the newer XML.

So here were my steps:

1. Export with FarmAppExport.wsf
2. Import with FarmAppUtil, which is tested on XP FR3 and above.

Just a note: I had to manually create a MFCOMFolder.txt file with the folders in my old farm. Maybe my next version will have the ability to export this as well.

Posted by Jase to Computer Stuff at 3/16/2006 10:07:27 AM

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