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Organizational Units, and Virtual Machines

I got an e-mail from a forum buddy yesterday asking about a quick and easy way to change the OU that a deployed virtual machine (or any machine for that matter) belongs to. When machines are added to an Active Directory domain, they are automatically joined to the Computers OU. Well, actually, Computers is a… Read More »

VMworld Book Signing

Well, my first time as an author has come to fruition. That’s right, VMware ESX Essentials has been published, and shipped last week. Currently Amazon is out of stock, but will have some more soon. Many thanks to those that already purchased the book. I’m sure you will enjoy the reading. We worked hard on… Read More »

VMware ESXi 3.5 Update 2 on an IBM x440

Well, it apparently works on an old IBM e-series x440. This is an x440 with 4 1.4GHz procs and 16GB of RAM.  All 4 processors are available. I’ll see if I can get the controller information, and pass it along to the forums. Updated: When Hyperthreading is turned on, the box craps out. So, no… Read More »

VMware ESXi – Optiplex 620

I took an Optiplex 620 (P4 3.4, 2GB Ram, and an 80GB Sata drive), and attempted to install ESXi (3.5u2). Well, initially, I got a Limit CPU Id error, with a nice “please disable this in the bios” message. The box was fairly old, and had the A03 bios loaded. A03 wouldn’t let me turn… Read More »

New Book About VMware ESX

We’ll, I hadn’t blogged about it yet, but I recently had the opportunity to be a Co-Author on a new book about VMware ESX. The title is VMware ESX Essentials in the Virtual Data Center. It details VMware ESX, VirtualCenter, and how they interact with each other and a network infrastructure. There are some tips… Read More »