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I remember it like it was yesterday

(Just my little, insignificant, story about 9/11/01) A normal day Tuesday (9/11/01) started out as a normal, average day. Just the normal routine of driving to the office, stopping by Wendy’s for some breakfast, and grabbing some coffee on the way to my desk. It didn’t appear it was going to be an eventful day… Read More »

VMworld 2011 v0dgeball – More than a game (to me)

vOdgeball? What the heck is that? At VMworld 2010, the tradition of a the VMworld vOdgeball (dodgeball) Championship continued.  This was a dodgeball tournament between an EMC vSpecialist Team and a primarily Cisco team (with some NetApp sprinkled in). Unfortunately I left the conference before the games, so I missed them. Nick Weaver (@lynxbat) took… Read More »

What I experienced on July 4th, 2008

On July 4th, 2008, I had the privilege of visiting the Luxembourg American Cemetery and Memorial in Hamm, Luxembourg. This cemetery is run by the American Battle Monuments Commission. This is an awe inspiring place that pays tribute to the fighting forces of the United States of America. I spent several hours there looking at… Read More »