What’s wrong with Google in Safari on my iPhone 4?

Am I crazy?
That’s what I thought tonight.

I could access Google from every PC/Mac in the house, but on my iPhone 4?


An Error 404 is all I could get.
Every time I attempted to search anything, 404.  I searched this, that, and many other topics…

No matter what I could not get anything other than an error 404.

Some basic troubleshooting

  • Is it just on WiFi?
    Nope, on the 3G network too.
  • Is it only on the iPhone?
    Yep, all PC’s/Mac’s in the house worked fine.
  • Did my Google App still work?
  • Did Gmail still work?
  • Could Safari’s cache/history/cookies be the problem?
    Nope, cleared them all.

The problem was still present.

Keep in mind that there is quite a bit of authentication sharing information between apps.

I figured that clearing the cache/history/cookies would take care of the issue, addressing this… As mentioned before, that didn’t help.

A little Google-Fu (on Google itself)
I found a handful of online forum questions & blog posts on the subject. AH HA! I’m not crazy.

There was a general consensus that it had to do with Google.com personalization, particularly focused on a Google bookmark app.

Again, keeping in mind the amount of Google authentication sharing, I decided to delete my Google mail account from my iPhone.

As Emeril Lagasse would say: “BAM

It was working again. I added my Gmail account back, and the issue is still resolved.

Maybe this quick post will help the next person that gets stuck with this issue.

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  1. Glad you published this. Removing and restoring my gmail account wasnt enough… Had to also sign out of google.com and then back in after that. All better. Phew.

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