vCenter 2.5 U4: Veeam Business View Plug-in

I got this working and figured I would let everyone know how I did it. First, thanks to Veeam for the Veeam Business View for VMware product.  Nice freebie! Second, there are 2 files that are necessary to make this happen, along with registering the plug-in. The first file, is the actual file that is… Read More »

New Product Release: vWire from Tripwire

VMware has a pretty good foundation with VI3 and vSphere, but they only go so far.  With the ability to use the VMware VI Toolkit or VMware vSphere Toolkit, custom scripts performing data collection and actions can now be leveraged by third party vendors to, put simply, get more out of the overall management experience.… Read More »

And the winner is…

I just saw an article about how XenServer (free) has replaced VMware in many environments.  The article specifically says that 30% of the XenServer downloads came from companies (or users) that have VMware.  Here’s a link to the article: Now, I’m not sure how the math works out there…  I will tell anyone that… Read More »

vSphere Upgrade Pricing, the fine print

Let me start by saying, I enjoy using VMware, and feel it is the best virtualization product for my environment. I appreciate the quality products and the people that I have been involved with that work for VMware. But… I’m looking deeper into the vSphere Enterprise to Enterprise Plus license upgrade, and I’m pretty distraught.… Read More »

vSphere is Here

Well, vSphere is available for download, that is if you can log in. Haven’t seen the licenses come out in e-mail as of yet, even though communications from VMware stated licenses would be delivered before the GA date. If you are having trouble downloading the bits, just be patient, I hear VMware is worked dilligently… Read More »