vSAN 6.7 U3 – WSFC with Shared Disks & SCSI-3 Persistent Reservations

In vSAN 6.7 we introduced Windows Server Failover Cluster (WSFC) support when using vSAN iSCSI Service. This support is for physical or virtual WSFC nodes. This feature made it very easy for customers who needed block devices for WSFC clusters that use shared disks. Customers that moved much of their infrastructure to vSAN, could still… Read More »

vSAN 6.7 Update 3 – What’s New

VMware vSAN continues to be the Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) market leader. vSAN has proven to be a great fit for all types of workloads, with over 20,000 customers. Traditional applications like Microsoft SQL Server and SAP HANA; next-generation applications like Cassandra, Splunk, and MongoDB; and even container-based services orchestrated through Kubernetes are run on vSAN… Read More »

Community Storage & Availability Code Samples on StorageHub

Are you looking for code samples as they relate to VMware Storage & Availability? Are you looking for an ad-hoc script to report the overall storage utilization on your vSAN Cluster? Or maybe a script to automate the configuration VMkernel ports services such as vSAN or Replication? StorageHub now includes storage-centric community generated code samples.… Read More »

Tactical Use Cases – Why choose VMware HCI?

VMware Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) is a great fit for tactical use cases, just ask our friends over at Cubic Solutions. To meet the needs of today’s warfighters, Cubic looked at VMware HCI, comprised of VMware vSphere and VMware vSAN. Tactical solutions typically have maximum allowable design parameters that revolve around Size, Weight, and Power or… Read More »