March 2, 2024

VMworld 2009 Blogging

Up until a few weeks ago, I was under the assumption I would not be attending VMworld 2009.  With the way the market is, getting approval for conferences is somewhat difficult.

As of a few weeks ago, I was approached by VMware to attend VMworld 2009 as a blogger.  I graciously accepted, and will be attending on a press pass.  With that being said, I don’t want to let them down.  I will be blogging the keynotes as well as from the floor, about all things VMware.

I will be out and about trying to gather the latest scoop on VMware’s technologies, as well as many of the other vendors that will be in attendance.

I have received many invitations from vendors for some face time, and will do my best to accommodate them.

I’m not sure if I need to jailbreak my iPhone 3G, to get some video for posting, but I’m contemplating it.

I’m looking forward to a great show.

And for those that are still trying to decide as to whether to go or not, just take a look at this post from a few weeks ago.

I hope to see you there.

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