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vSAN Management API Cookbook for Python

Virtual SAN 6.2 has been out for a few months now. More and more customers are adopting Virtual SAN in many use cases including Tier 1 and business critical applications. Virtual SAN leverages Storage Policy Based Management to individually tailor a virtual machine’s protection and performance profile. This lessens the burden of storage provisioning operations… Read More »

VMworld 2016 – Submitted Sessions – How about a vote?

Just a quick post asking for your votes for some sessions I’ve submitted and/or been included in. Successful Virtual SAN 6 Stretched Clusters (7557) – Are you a VMware vSphere customer looking at using Virtual SAN in a stretched cluster configuration? Are you already familiar with stretched clusters using other storage technologies? This session will discuss how Virtual SAN… Read More »

Virtual SAN 6.2 & PowerCLI – Sparse Virtual Swap files

One of the Space Efficiency features of Virtual SAN 6.2 that is available for both All-Flash and Hybrid configurations, is the introduction of Sparse Virtual Swap files. Swap files on Virtual SAN by default, are created with the .vswp 100% reserved. In a thin provisioned/guaranteed capacity perspective, it could be said that they effectively Lazy Zeroed… Read More »

VMware Virtual SAN Stretched Cluster Sizing Guidance

With the release of Virtual SAN 6.1 in September, Stretched Clusters and 2 Node support was introduced. There has been some general guidance given around sizing some of the bandwidth between sites, as well as between the sites and the witness. How those bandwidth requirements are calculated hasn’t been publicly available. Site to site bandwidth… Read More »