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The Hardest Working Man at VMware – John Troyer

July 24th, 2011 No comments

“The Hardest Working Man at VMware” – I can’t think of a phrase that better describes John Troyer.

John is both the face and the voice of VMware’s social media engine. John works countless hours promoting the message of virtualization and cloud computing. Whether it be on Twitter, Facebook, or other social network, he is very engaged in the VMware community. He also hosts the VMTN Communities Round table Podcast every Wednesday at noon Pacific time. He does his best to not only spread the word, but also goes the extra mile to help customers/partners/friends in times of need.

To me, what sets John apart, is the fact that he is not just an employee doing a job. I would dare to say that John knows, by name, thousands of “us geeks” that use/run VMware in our environments every day. It is very easy for everyone to know who he is, but it has to be a daunting task to keep up with all of us. Every time I have seen John in person, he always kindly greets me by name and asks how things are going, and what am I up to next?

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New VMTN Community – Office of the CTO

August 25th, 2010 No comments

There is a new area on the VMTN site dedicated to the Office of the CTO.

This is a new area that Steve Herrod, as well as other members of the Office of the CTO, can blog about upcoming topics and interact directly with those of us that post on VMTN.


  • Steve Herrod: VMware CTO and SVP of R&D
  • Allwyn Sequeira: VP of Security & Networking Solutions
  • Richard McDougall: Application Infrastructure CTO & Principal Engineer in the Office of the CTO
  • Winston Bumpus: Director of Standards Architecture
  • Scott Davis: VMware CTO of End User Computing
  • David Hunter: VMware CTO of the Public Sector
  • Srinivas Krishnamurti: Senior Director for Mobile Computing
  • Josh Simons: CTO of High Performance Computing
  • Ben Verghese: VP, Chief Management Architect

There are several areas that each of the members of the Office of the CTO have available to discuss VMware topics from the past, today, and what’s around the corner.


  • Security
  • Cloud Application Architecture
  • Open Standards
  • End User Computing
  • Public Sector
  • Emerging Devices
  • High Performance Computing
  • Management

I started a discussion about the Mobile Virtualization Platform, and got some good news from both Steve Herrod and Srinivas Krishnamurti.  That discussion can be found here:

I’m looking forward to some of the discussions in this VMTN area, and plan on adding the RSS feeds to my news aggregator.

Here’s the link the to the community for the Office of the CTO if you want to see what these leaders have on their mind or start a discussion with them.

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