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Configuring the EMC Isilon NAS VAAI Plugin for vSphere 5.0/5.1

Isilon OneFS 7.0 has been out for a couple months.  OneFS 7.0 has brought some additional features to Isilon, particularly toward VMware vSphere support. I blogged about VASA support in another article: Configuring the EMC Isilon VASA Provider. This article is going to focus on how to configure the NFS VAAI Plugin for Isilon when… Read More »

How does vSphere recognize an Isilon NFS Datastore when using a SmartConnect Zone Name?

As one of the more Isilon-centric vSpecialists at EMC, I see a lot of questions about leveraging Isilon NFS in vSphere environments.  Most of them are around the confusion of how SmartConnect works and the load balancing/distribution it provides. Not too long ago, a question arose around mounting NFS exports from an Isilon cluster, and… Read More »

Configuring EMC Isilon SmartConnect – Part III: Isolated Storage Networks

Looking back that the SmartConnect Part I post, remember that SmartConnect is handling DNS delegation of the SmartConnect Zone name (FQDN)… So… What happens if the SmartConnect Zone for an NFS data network is on an isolated network? Keep in mind, that DNS needs to contact the SmartConnect Service IP to request an IP resolution… Read More »